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DURAGUTTER is the strongest, architecturally correct gutter available

From Classic to Modern, any architectural detail can be achieved with Duragutter

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Duragutter on This Old House

Duragutter was pleased to be selected by This Old House for their Victorian restoration project.  The goal was to restore the historic gutter details that had been removed over the years.


We used the OG profile gutter to seamlessly connect to the rake molding that goes up the gable ends of the house.  The video explains traditional gutter/cornice details, and shows how the system works.  

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New Video

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Strongest Gutter on the Market

Watch as we drive a truck over it without any effect.  This means that neither falling tree branches, ice dams, or people on ladders can damage the gutter.

It's so strong that it needs no internal support brackets.  This makes installation and cleaning a breeze, although with the snap-in leaf guard it will rarely (if ever) need cleaning.

Gutters are one of the most visible elements of a home, defining the roof against the sky. Choose a gutter that enhances the beauty of your home and will last a lifetime.

Classic Details Reengineered

Duragutter is an exact replica of a traditional wood gutter, yet carries more than twice the volume of water.
On many Colonial and Victorian house styles, the traditional wood gutter elegantly mitered into the rake molding. While beautiful, this intersection was poorly designed leading to rotten gutters and rakes.  This historic gutter detail has been impossible to replicate with standard aluminum or fiberglass gutters. The Duragutter OG profile is specifically engineered to restore this detail in maintenance-free materials.


A Clean, Modern Look

Duragutter's modern gutter profiles provides a blank slate for your design creativity. They can be used as a bold details or as completely concealed box gutters. The Wedge and Knife Edge profiles provide a dramatic accent to any modern design.

Perfect Curves without Facets

Duragutter can be bent to almost any radius. Whether you have a curved wall, turret, or undulating form, we can produce a smooth curve to enhance your architecture.  Duragutter produces a seamless curve, unlike the faceting common to copper gutters, and is a fraction of the cost.  

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Prevents Ice Dams

Typical gutters can actually cause leaks inside the house from ice dams.  Ice dams form when snow on the roof and in the gutter freezes.  Heat loss from inside the house melts the ice on the roof, but not the ice in the gutter, which extends beyond the heated area.  The melted ice water on the roof cannot flow off the roof because of the ice dam in the gutter, so it flows backward up the roof until it finds its way inside the house.


Duragutter has a channel on the top backside that a piece of metal flashing locks into.  This flashing extends up the fascia and under the roofing.  This creates a waterproof barrier that prevents water from entering the house.  

Easy, Fast, Strong

Duragutter is a precision engineered system that uses aluminum keys to connect and align segments.  Unlike standard aluminum gutters, all Duragutter components are in the same plane, creating a seamless look that mimics wood gutters.  The installation is simple and fast, with none of the complexity and mess of fiberglass gutters.