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Details matter. So much effort is put into the design of a house, but gutters are often an afterthought, seen as a necessary evil. And yet, they are one of the most visible elements of a house! When we look at a house, the most prominent line is where the wall meets the roof. That edge is defined against the sky. It may be the most important line on the house. The quality of that line, and the continuity of that line, introduce us to the form and details of the house.

Since the roof edge is where we first understand the shape of the house, we should try to get that edge as perfect as possible, and think about how the eaves connect to the rakes.

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Here's a project in Hyannis MA (on Cape Cod, or "the Cape" for those of you outside of New England). This was a good sized project, over 650' of gutter and about 50 corners. Our crew was thankful for the mild New England winter, these oceanfront homes can be chilly installs when the rain and snow are blowing in off the water. I think the crisp gutter details are the icing on the cake of this beautiful home. We enjoyed working with Lewis Bay Builders.

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If you don't know Nick Schiffer, from NS Builders, you are in for a treat. He produces incredibly detailed videos about every aspect of high-end building construction. And he pronounces Duragutter with a Boston accent, which I love :-) Check out his video here

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