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Modern Gutters

This is too exciting to keep under wraps! We are unveiling the "knife edge" gutter, the most exciting thing to happen to gutters since.... well, let's face it, how many really exciting developments are there in the gutter world? For all you contemporary architects and builders out there, your buildings are about to get instantly cooler-

The creative possibilities are endless with this new wedge design, which utilizes the same patented hidden connector system, integral flashing, and leaf guard as all Duragutter profiles. Now you can give your buildings a crisp, cutting edge look. Custom outlets allow you to drain out the bottom or the back of the gutter.

In the above examples, we show the gutter installed tight to the siding (left) or fascia mounted with an overhang (right). In modern designs, it has always been difficult to bring the eave to a point, as most materials become to fragile or unstable with a thin edge. Because Duragutter is made from 1/8" thick extruded aluminum, it can provide a durable, perfectly straight crisp line to define your buildings (and hide a functional gutter!). Our initial production run will be ready by Thanksgiving, place your orders now as we expect this to sell out quickly.

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