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Modern houses are often characterized by dramatic roof lines. The edge where the roof meets the sky is a defining feature. For better or worse, this is where the gutter is located. Many designs are compromised by a clunky or cheap-looking gutter. To avoid this many architects try to conceal or minimize the gutter. Duragutter has developed a line of products and a collection of details that enhance, rather than detract from, a modern roof line.

The simplest implementation is the square profile gutter attached to the fascia. The crisp lines, and razor-straight edges of the extruded aluminum gutter provide a clean, modern look.

To further conceal the gutter, the square profile can be recessed into the overhang. It can either be flush with the lower fascia or slightly proud. This creates an appealing “two step” fascia with no apparent gutter.

For the ultimate minimalist look, the trough gutter profile can be fully concealed behind the siding, or the front edge can be flush or slightly proud of the siding, with no overhang. Special consideration must be given to the downspouts in this design, which can either be at an overhanging end of the gutter, or concealed within the wall cavity.

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