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Another (very) satisfied customer

I &M construction is the preferred installer of Duragutter in the Boston area. They replaced PVC gutters on this historic Sudbury home with Duragutter.

Here's the customer's review:

"One word comes to mind when I think of our experience with Imer and Duragutter, BRAVO! I must say we had a difficult ask of you, Imer and Duragutter. Moving into into a historic home built in 1911 with MANY original details preserved, we were tasked with replacing gutters that were installed only a few years earlier with an very expensive Azek product that proved to be disappointing. We performed a lot of research on wood gutters, copper gutters and everything in between. Our goal was to find a gutter platform that BOTH had form and function. A system that would perform under the harsh New England conditions YET preserve the look the home demanded. In the end, the Duragutter product proved to be best in class. Your thoughtful engineering of the system along with Imer and his team’s incredible professionalism and installation skill made the end product look like it was installed at the time the house was originally built! Thank you again for a great design with Duragutter and also a fantastic installer with Imer and his team at I&M construction."

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