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We're excited to announce that This Old House is featuring Duragutter in its West Roxbury project in late March. We had a great time working with Kevin and the whole crew- a super nice, hardworking bunch of folks. They did a great job documenting ever aspect of working with Duragutter, and even made me seem like I know what I'm talking about.

Deliandro from Alpha Smart Builders quickly learned how to work with Duragutter and did a great job under pressure. Not easy to be accurate with a film crew over your shoulder!

Filming the installation with a drone

I had to do the selfie with Kevin. And yes, he's as nice in person as he seems on TV.

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Ioannis Pribas, CEO of Schone Windows, chose the black SQ Duragutter profile for this stunning contemporary he is building in Montreal. It's a perfect match to the finish of his windows, and adds a crisp defining feature to the roof edge. We look forward to completed more projects in Montreal!

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We're excited to announce that Fine Homebuilding is featuring Duragutter in an upcoming issue. The article will showcase a house by noted Chatham MA architect Leslie Schneeberger of SV Design. This waterfront cape is being completed renovated and restored. Duffany Builders is shown here mitering Duragutter into a custom PVC rake molding.

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