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Duragutter was developed for architects who would like to design architecturally correct gutter details but have been unable to do so using the seamless gutter systems available. They do not want to compromise their designs by using flimsy, poorly engineered products in prominent locations on their buildings. Alternatives to seamless gutters, like half-round gutters, are often not historically correct on many house styles, which originally used wood gutter profiles. Some designers resort to copper-lined wood gutters, at great expense. Duragutter offers the best of all worlds- historically correct profiles designed to enhance a wide variety of architectural styles, in a system that is easy to install and maintain.
Duragutter was developed for Contractors and Roofers who want to offer their clients a premium product to enhance their high-end residences.  Every component of the system is designed for longevity and ease of installation.  It is the finishing touch on any quality home.

Duragutters are made from 1/8" T5 extruded aluminum. They are virtually indestructible, and come with a lifetime white powder coat finish (which can be painted over in any color). All profiles are 26' long.  See the "products" page for a complete list of accessories.

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Duragutter installation on Mission Style Home

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Strong enough to drive a truck over


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for sample kit:

  • Where is Duragutter made?
    Our factory is in Florida, and we source other parts from all over the US.
  • Do you have a distributor and/or installer near me?
    Currently we stock material in the Boston MA and Seattle WA, and ship from those locations. Shipping small orders (under 300’) can be expensive to other parts of the country, but we often combine orders in the same general location to reduce shipping expenses. We have an in-house crew that installs in New England (including New York), and will occasionally travel further for large projects. Any competent tradesperson can install Duragutter by following the detailed instructions on the website. We are always happy to provide additional consultation.
  • What is Duragutter made of?
    Duragutter is extruded from 1/8” thick T5 aluminum. It is ten times thicker than a “roll formed” seamless gutter. Duragutter is the strongest gutter on the market.
  • What is the finish?
    The coating is a high-performance IFS 400SD powder-coated Apollo white, a certified green product by SCS global. The finish has a ten-year warranty for color and gloss retention. It meets and exceeds the performance requirements of AAMA 2604. It can easily be painted over, no primer is necessary, but the surface should be lightly scuffed with a red scotch-brite pad.
  • How long are the pieces?
    Duragutter comes 26’ long. Longer sections are joined together with invisible connecting pins (see Installation)
  • How are the joints handled?
    Joints are made with invisible connecting pins then covered with supplied pre-cut pieces of TPO tape (see Installation).
  • How long has Duragutter been in the field?
    The first installation was made in 2012 and shows no signs of wear.
  • How is Duragutter different than fiberglass gutter
    Duragutter is stronger, easier to assemble, and has a built-in leaf guard and flashing. The connecting pin system allows parts to be pre-assembled on the ground before installing. The powder-coat finish is less subject to fading than gelcoat. The authentic profile and internal seal blocks enable Duragutter to be mitered into rake moldings of any pitch. In addition, wood trim can be screwed directly into the top flange, allowing a variety of built-in details. Because aluminum is stronger the fiberglass, a variety of profiles can be accomplished in aluminum that would be too fragile in fiberglass.
  • Can I install Duragutter myself?
    Yes, you will need a 12” compound miter saw with an aluminum cutting blade. In New England, we have dedicated installers that are highly trained. It is generally less expensive and simpler to use our installers. We ship nationwide and to Canada, and for large projects (over 500’) our installation crew will travel to your site.
  • I have wood gutters; can I repair them with Duragutter?
    Although Duragutter is an exact match to the most common wood gutters on older homes, there is no way to make a waterproof joint between the old wood gutter and Duragutter. The best option is to replace all the wood gutters.
  • Can you make curved gutters?
    Yes, Duragutter is far too thick to curve on-site, but it can be curved to almost any radius in the factory. Lead time for radius gutters is a minimum of one month.
  • How do I decide which profile is best for my home?
    Give us a call, we are happy to consult. It’s best to send a few pictures of your house first, or provide the address if images can be accessed online.
  • Is Duragutter approved by historic commissions?
    Yes, Duragutter has never been rejected by any historic commission, and has been approved on numerous historic landmarks and buildings on the National Register.
  • Do you provide technical assistance?
    Yes, we are happy to consult, and often work with architects and builders in the planning stages to develop custom details. We can provide CAD drawings and even 3D printed models if needed.
  • Do you do custom shapes?
    We can usually make one of our six profiles work for almost any detail. However, if you have very unique requirements, we can make custom extrusions. This is only cost-effective on large projects and involves a minimum lead time of three months.
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